Iuav Alumni

About us

Iuav Alumni is the community of the Uni-versità Iuav di Venezia graduates.
We believe in every graduate’s positive for-ce and we offer a reference point to all the former Iuav students to support the pursue of their careers.
In our activities, senior professionals who have built a successful career are invited to share their expirience with the community.   
Our target is to create a professional net-work of excellence, where junior and senior members meet to share exchanges, advises and job opportunities.


The new Iuav Alumni Association Statute was approved unanimously at the Members' Extraordinary Meeting on 21 Dicember 2012 and replaces the former, approved on 10 March 2004, when the Association was instituted.
The Iuav Alumni President is a member of the Associatio. He is appointed by the Iuav Alumni Board and is the Association legal representative.
The Iuav Alumni Board appointed by the Mem-bers’ Meeting and lasts in office for three years
All the offices are free (are not paid).

Statuto-I_AL.pdf (651,25 kb)

Members’ meeting

The Members' Meeting is the Association’s decision-making body.    
It takes place at least once a year, called by the President and the Association Board, and deals with planning Iuav Alumni’s activities next to come. 

Board Alumni (2014-2016).pdf (92,50 kb)